Sunday, April 27, 2008

Celebrating My Neuroses...

Hi. Remember me? I used to write a blog here. If anyone is still checking in on my sorry ass, please be patient with me as it's the end of the school year and my calendar is double & triple-booked most days. Where did April go, anyway?

One reason I've been scarce is that we had a big blow-out bash for my friend who's moving in the next few weeks. It was last night & we managed to keep it a surprise. The party was great fun with friends who have also been neglected due to my crazy-ass schedule lately. We partied old-school, complete with a lot of booze, a band, and My Baby's Daddy upchucking after we got home at 1:15 a.m. He smelled like a damn brewery and I went to sleep in the bottom bunk in the boys' room. Good times.

I am now officially on the countdown to my annual girls' beach trip. Since it is less than two weeks away, today has been list-making day. Nothing makes me happier than a good list. Besides my list of what to pack, and what to do before I go, there is the Snack List. Some years we bring homemade snacks, and others we just buy everything when we get to the beach. But since fuel is forty bajillion dollars a gallon, we decided it would help our budget to bring some stuff from home. I tend to think of myself as The Queen of Snacks, and take my title quite seriously. I'm thinking of taking a couple of old favorites and debuting something new. Any ideas?

I also plan to take pre-made labels with everyone's name on them to stick on the ziplock bags when I (being a food snob, control freak, and born entertainer) make everyone's sandwich to enjoy on the beach. In years past, we've had to label them with a pen or some other crude and inferior method. People will either envy me or think I am a neurotic control freak. Whatever. If they want their damn sandwich, they'll sing my praises like a bunch of canaries. Don'tcha think?

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Five Things

Oh, I do so love me a good meme. And it's Sunday afternoon....and I was in the middle of a tedious and never-ending home organization project with My Baby's Daddy when he had to leave to go show a house. So, why shouldn't I take this opportunity to slack off while he's gone? Amy tagged me for this somewhere in between the stomach virus and catching up on the laundry, so I'm making time for it now.

Five things on my to-do list today...
1. Finish organizing my bedroom and closet. I must sleep in a non-chaotic environment. Tonight. This has been going on way too long.
2. Cook dinner. I have a pork tenderloin marinating a la a recipe from my BFF. Sounds yummy.
3. Keep the boys from killing each other. Or at least wear earplugs so I don't have to hear it.
4. Take Fat Baby to the potty every 30 minutes. Day Two in Big Boy Underpants. He has only had one major accident & a couple of "dribbles." Thank. You. Jesus.
5. Make tomorrow's to-do list. I am such a list-maker. Tomorrow's list will be much more fun than today's, what with everybody in school and all. It includes a trip to Victoria's Secret for bras, a trip to the fabric store, and other things that nobody else in my house cares about. Well...My Baby's Daddy does enjoy the VS thing...

Five snacks I enjoy...
1. Buffalo Chicken dip...if you're sweet, I'll post the recipe
2. Fiber One bars
3. Movie popcorn (Target's snack bar popcorn, a very close second)
4. Chocolate dipped strawberries
5. Pistachios

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire ...
1. Build my dream home
2. Help others
3. Travel
4. Hire help
5. Have my own talk show

Five bad habits...
1. Passive aggressive
2. Control freak
3. Can have a potty mouth
4. Become withdrawn when overwhelmed/stressed out/pissed off/ anxious
5. Compulsive eating

Five places I have lived ...
1. Fort Payne, AL
2. Millbrook, AL
3. Jacksonville, AL
4. Charleston, SC
5. Troy, AL

Five jobs I've had...
1. Burger King (drive thru operator)--me & polyester...not so much
2. Wal-Mart Jewelry Department--me & the dregs of humanity....not so much
3. Preschool Teacher/ Director--me & other people's kids...not so much
4. Volunteer Coordinator--left to be a SAHM, loved it
5. Grant Writer--perfect job for me! flexible, able to be with kids, work from home

I tag: Pink in a Sea of Blue, So Tired, Worker Mommy, and you...and you...

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Biggest Loser Rants

As promised, here's my two cents on the Biggest Loser. I can't believe I hadn't posted about the show earlier. This is the first Biggest Loser season I've watched, and it was DVR appointment television for me & My Baby's Daddy. I really liked so many of the contestants, and having battled weight issues myself, I am truly rooting for them all to be successful. That being said...

I thought Mark was going to be an a-hole. But then, he has become one of my favorites. In fact, I hope that he or Roger wins. Kelly is whiny and mealy-mouthed about everything. She doesn't have a positive attitude to me. She was one of my early favorites, but I do think she has been extremely lucky to even still be there.

Being a woman who has struggled with her weight, I would totally love for a woman to win...but...

Alli drives me freaking nuts. She has that flat, valley girl inflection when she talks. And she completely looks like a troll doll. You know I'm telling the truth. My Baby's Daddy is tired of hearing me scream, "She looks like a TROLL!!!!!" for two hours every week. He will be glad when it is over. But seriously. Go to the website & look. Tell me that girl doesn't look like a troll.

And speaking of Alli's that get on my nerves....I also can't stand the host of the show. That Alli has this stupid smirk the whole episode. And the dramatic and unnatural pauses she throws in! It kills me. I really want to slap that smirk off her face. It looks like she's trying not to laugh.

There are several reasons I'm rooting for Roger. First of all, he played football at the University of Alabama. The President is (of his own making) an obsessed Alabama fan. How can we not pull for the home team? Unfortunately my own alma mater recently fired Roger as assistant athletic director while he was on leave for the show. I'm pissed off at them. Not to mention how stupid it was from a PR perspective. You could've had a homecoming in your stadium with lots of national coverage about your employee & his success...the timing sucks for both Roger & the dumbasses who missed a great opportunity to showcase their athletic program. I love Roger's team spirit & his hard work. He has lost more weight on campus than any other contestant.

Mark has grown emotionally & his journey has been awesome to watch. I would be just as happy to see him win.

I'm glad I got all that off my chest...did anybody notice I have PMS?

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


So, just one short week ago I could not move my head without tossing my cookies. I had a raging intestinal virus that was. not. pretty. The good news is that it helped out the WW weigh in last week & I've lost almost 25 pounds since January. I guess that's one reason there hasn't been an original and entertaining post around here in a while.

Upon my recovery, I resumed the tedious and much too labor-intense process of tackling the Spring 2008 Official To-Do List. It involves much organizing, decorating, and just plain old throwing crap away.

While I was recently away at a scrapbook week-end, My Baby's Daddy treated himself to a new bigass television, which he plopped on a new TV stand (very tasteful...which was a surprise. I never knew if he really had bad taste or was just cheap. I guess just cheap...although the stand wasn't. But it's to hold the new tv, so you know, no expense spared. Whatever. If he's going to freelance on furniture without approval, it better damn well be something I like. But I digress.) I am glad to see that he does have some taste deep down. I mean, I know he married me & all...I do love the new tv cabinet, so all's well.

Anyway, we now find ourselves with this big armoire that housed our old (normal sized) television. I have moved it into my our office, and it is being converted into a lovely home for scrapbooking supplies, gift wrap, stationery, and other essentials of life. It, and the room from which I blog, will soon be completely fabulous. For the first time, evah. Look for the quality and frequency of posts to improve. I've stolen found many great ideas on several of my new favorite blogs for inspiration.

So, I have plenty of projects to keep me busy until summer. At which time, I will be holding down a chair by the pool, occasionally glancing up from a good book to make sure both my children are above water. My Route 44 Diet Coke with Lime from Sonic may or may not will be topped off with Malibu coconut rum.

Edited to add: Please go to and vote for Roger for the Biggest Loser finale! I will follow up with an in-depth Biggest Loser post, and tell you why I want to show Roger the love! (I love Mark, too--by the way!)

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