Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some thoughts I've had this morning...

  • I'm sure other good moms give their two year olds oreos at 7:00 a.m. to stop the incessant whining.
  • Grey's Anatomy season premier is less than 12 hours away!
  • I love fall.
  • I forgot to take my Zoloft.
  • Thank God for Zoloft.
  • I know I'm procrastinating because I have a work deadline.
  • Sometimes I work well under pressure.
  • If I don't get some work done I won't be able to enjoy the season premier of Gray's Anatomy tonight.
  • Yeah, I probably will enjoy it anyway.
  • I miss the smell of teeny babies' heads.
  • I'm glad I get to sleep through the night now.
  • I might have one more.
  • I'm not getting any younger.

What are some of your thoughts this morning? Also, is anyone as excited as I am about the new season of Grey's Anatomy? Look for tomorrow's post to include commentary on tonight's episode!

Woohoo! Did anyone notice that I just inserted my first link?!? I may learn how to do this yet!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

Okay, I've been waiting a week to use that title. It kept floating through my mind as I lay in bed unable to pick my head up off the pillow. It started last Monday...funny I didn't even mention in my blog that day how My Baby's Daddy had come home sick from work with a stomach virus. He very rarely gets sick, which is a good thing because he is not a good patient, and I am surely not a good nurse. Most of the time I am pretty unsympathetic because he can be quite a whiny hiney when he's sick and it gets on my nerves. For whatever reason, this time I went to the store and bought the requisite saltines and gatorade, and even a little chicken soup for good measure. The President & I cooked the soup when Daddy said he was feeling like eating. So very proud of his culinary skills, The President went to tell Dad his dinner was ready. But Daddy was nowhere to be found.

Conversation between me & The President:

P: Where's Dad?
Me: Mmmmmm, he's not feeling well and he's in the bathroom being sick right now.
P: Oh, yeah...he white puked in the garbage earlier. [Very matter of fact]. You know how when Fat Baby was little, he used to white puke? Well, that's what Dad did in the garbage can.

I just love their unique descriptive abilities at this age. Anyway, following morning at 5-ish the old girl jumped on me, too. Thought I was D Y I N G! By this time, My Baby's Daddy was feeling much better and rallied the troops for me so I could sleep it off. This week-end Fat Baby had it. Nothing will break your heart like a sick baby.

Now, a disclaimer: Please don't stop reading my blog because I write about bodily fluids and passing gas on my husband...there is so much more to me than this!!!

Finally, here's a little chuckle before I go. Last night, I'm giving the boys a bath together. The President brings in the squirt bottles of bathtub paint. Great fun, but you can't really get anybody to be clean and stay clean...You have to know that the Pres was born a 40 year old man. He has a huge vocabulary, and just really has a very grown up mentality. Anyway, I've always spoken to him like an adult, so I said, "Pres, words cannot express how much I appreciate you bringing these paints in here with Fat Baby." (Yes, he understands sarcasm). His reply, "Words cannot express---what in the hell, I mean what in the world does that mean?!?!?"

I just had to walk out of the really caught me off guard! Too funny!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Maternal Guilt

Fat Baby started Mom's Day Out today. To be totally honest, I have mixed feelings about it. It's all very strange to me. His brother was in day care, as I worked (outside the home) full time from the time he was two months old. He was in a wonderful, well-established church run facility. It was a loving and safe environment and he learned a heck of a lot. My job was very flexible, and I was always able to participate in special events, and to be a mom first and foremost. That being said, part of me died every time I left him.

Without hesitation, My Baby's Daddy & I made the decision that I should quit my job and stay home with the boys when #2 came along. I was with the two of them for a year before The President started kindergarten. It has been the best decision I ever made. Being a stay-home (WORKING) mom is so much more challenging than I ever imagined. It is way harder than working in some ways, but I would not trade this opportunity for the world--remember, I've been on both sides of the coin. When you stay home with your kids, nothing that you do stays done. That drives me nuts--when I worked (outside the home) and had a project, I could cross it neatly off a list, and put it behind me. These days, cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, just keeps coming!

I've recently been given the opportunity to do some free-lance grant writing, public relations, and event planning. It's very cool to be able to dip my foot back into the pool of the career world, while still being at home with my kids. That's why I signed him up for Mom's Day Out. It's one day where I can have meetings, or actually work at home with no interruptions. And you know what--all this time I was thinking about what would he do without me...he's been with me pretty much 24/7 for the past two years (three if you count the long, hot, swollen, miserable gestation--you're welcome, Fat Baby--my pleasure). Well, I never took into account the fact that he would L O V E going there. Just because I have the whole guilt complex, doesn't mean he wouldn't enjoy a little break from mama-world. Let's see...schlepping around to meetings and errands all day or playing outside, coloring, learning, singing songs. Not such a hard choice for Fat Baby. Baby's Daddy has been saying I should do this forever--my argument: I didn't quit my job for somebody else to watch my kid. Well, guess what world? I think I've found a compromise. If you need me next Monday, I'll be getting my nails done.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shhhhh....Mommy has a hangover

Suffice it to say, "I ain't as good as I once was..." Last night My Baby's Daddy & I went to a party for his boss's birthday. Great food, live band, and the booze was a-flowin'...since My Baby's Daddy had agreed to teach Sunday School this morning,

[g vv66yu--that was Fat Baby blogging while I went to check on The President who just squished his finger in the bathroom, back to my story].

Anyway, as I write this it sounds pretty bad, but my motto is if God knows you're thinking it, you might as well say it. So, since My Baby's Daddy had agreed to teach Sunday School, he was the designated driver. Woohoo for me! I had a find time...tied one on, feeling oh, so good. Not so much this morning. Sweet Baby's Daddy said, "You just stay here and rest. I'll be back before you know it." So, I was very easily pursuaded. The President went to church with dad & I stayed home with Fat Baby. I could have made it. In fact, at 1:00 a.m., I was still planning to make it. The whole lack of sleep thing is worse than the drinking. All that being said, Back in the Day I could put it away, sleep a couple of hours, go to class or work & then come home and sleep it off. Today, I'm pretty much worthless. Fat Baby took a 3 hour nap and so did I.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Faking It

I am so not a morning person. And I really hate it when my bladder wakes me up just before I'm supposed to get up & then I can't go back to sleep. So, this morning I stumbled to the potty in a drool-coated, incoherent stupor--hoping to be able to crawl back between the sheets and pick up where I left off. Ahhh...I was dozing all snug and cozy when I became aware of my husband's arm reaching over The President (who was sleeping between us) and giving me a little pat. So sweet, I thought. I wonder how often he does this when I'm really asleep & I never even know...awwww!

I continued to try to get that last hour of sleep...hello, it was still DARK outside for the love of God! My Baby's Daddy is still rubbing my head, so sweetly. Next thing I know, I sense a shift in positioning. He is MOVING The President to his side of the bed, and is weasling into the middle next to me. I know where this is going.

(A little side note: because The President is so frequently in our bed, we sometimes have to relocate for marital aerobics. Our guest room is called "The Love Shack." )

By now, I am wide-ass awake, but thought I would just see what happens. Is he just being snuggly and sweet? OH COME ON, NOW! We've been married over 10 years--he is going to try & work him up a piece.

Still pretending to sleep, I feel him wiggling around next to me. Oh my GAWD, I know he did not just take off his drawers with my baby in the bed! I can't confirm that the drawers are indeed off, because: 1. I am still pretending to be asleep to see what happens and 2. my back is toward him.

By now I am trying not to laugh, and am having a hard time holding it in. I can't wait to see what his strategy will be...then, all of a sudden--I FARTED on him!!! (Hey, we've been together a long time & we had Mexican last night!) That was it!!!! I busted out laughing, like hysterical crying laughter! I even snorted a few times. I could not stop! He didn't know if I was laughing or crying...remember, he thought I was asleep. I laughed so loud that I woke up The Pres (also not a morning person).

When I come to my senses and look around, I realize he is wearing underwear. "Ummm, hey--thought you took those off, honey." Apparently they had just gotten twisted, and he was just adjusting. Who says romance is dead?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

So What Do I Do Now?

The blog is up and running! Hooray! The question of the day is where do I go from here? I joined a webring that includes some of my favorite blogs...hopefully that will send me some traffic....and now I'm just waiting. I would really like to learn to customize my blog & make it my own, but I am way out of the loop on that one. Hello?!?! When has technology passed me by? Maybe I'm just intimidated because I've never done it before. Is it easier than I'm thinking? Meanwhile, I'm going to work on a post of 100 or so things about me...I'm sure it'll be fascinating reading--stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Half Full?

I've spent the entire day knee-deep in anxiety. The whole Monday-on-a-Tuesday after a holiday throws me for a loop every time...we went out of town this week-end and of course, I am still not caught up. And of course, I have six bazillion things on my plate. But, I've gotten totally addicted to the world of blogging...I just kept thinking, as I read and related--hey, I've got to do this! So, here I sit adding one more thing to my list of things to do. (Neglecting some of the other things I should be doing). Will this be an outlet for my anxiety? Will the blog keep me from getting really important things done? I currently have one husband, two children, and two freelance part-time jobs. Then there's the laundry, and the dishes, and the dirty diapers, and the homework, and cooking dinner, you feel me, sisters? So, why am I starting a blog? Because I do occasionally have a grown-up thought, and I'd like to capture it before it's gone for all enternity. Because I love to write, and I love to celebrate the everyday things that drive us all nuts. Because last night when I was helping my six year old (The President) with his homework, I asked him why he circled his 6 all the way around & colored in the middle, and he said, "I just wanted to give it a little bellybutton!" Life just does not get any better than this!!!!