Thursday, February 14, 2008

For the Love of Chocolate

Last night I was getting the boys ready for bath time, and it just so happened that Fat Baby's diaper was completely dry. And since my wish for him to just go ahead & potty train himself hasn't come true yet, I decided to take the opportunity for an easy to speak. I put him on the potty & poured a little warm bath water on the target shooter for some encouragement. And guess what? He DID it!!!! Woo hoo!

I wanted to make as big a deal as possible, and to do something quick to have him make the connection that: pee on potty = fun

I jumped up & down and clapped and cheered like crazy. Then I ran to the kitchen & grabbed a Dove milk chocolate heart. I gave it to him while he was still on there to reinforce the association. pee on potty = yummy chocolate

Around the corner I heard the sound of The President mumbling something. I asked what he said & I heard him coughing into his hand...."I need chocolate!"

"Why do you need chocolate? He got that chocolate for peeing on the potty...did you help him tinkle on the potty?"

"I was his agent."

He got the chocolate, of course.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day and the Future MILF

I really am not a big fan of VD. Basically, it just adds a few more things to my already too long to-do list. Buy the kids a treat, chocolate goodies for My Baby's Daddy & Pop, parties at the kids' schools, a little gift for their teachers, cards & treats for classmates, and the obligatory sex for the husband...and so it goes. Tomorrow night The President has karate and I have Weight Watchers (happy freakin' chocolate whore holiday to me!) so the festivities will, not happening. I I love to buy gifts and chocolates, and do enjoy an occasional round of bow chicka wow wow....but, geez the pressure of it all! And on a school night!

In other news...the year of "I've got to take care of myself or I'll be dead in six months" is still moving right along. Since I started back to Weight Watchers (January 8th), I've lost 11 pounds. I did not, however, get to the gym one single time this week and weigh-in is tomorrow night. I could sneak in an a.m. workout...maybe, but I do have the whole VD party thing to contend with.

I've started getting my tan when the winter clothes start to come off, I won't be shockingly pasty. And until I reach my goal weight, brown fat looks way better than white fat.

I haven't been very consistent about posting about my weight loss efforts since I signed on with Lotta as a "Future MILF." But, I know the support helps me and maybe someone could use a tip that I have learned in this never-ending process. Here are a some of my favorite new discoveries:

Flatout wraps---only 1 point! Great for making rolled sandwiches. I like to get the light whole-grain wraps and fill with hummus, chopped rotisserie chicken (no skin), roasted red peppers, baby spinach and a little feta cheese. It's really good and totally a treat for lunch.

My new favorite favorite things are Fiber One bars. They have 9 grams of fiber (35% of your daily value). These are only two points, delicious, and really big. It's almost like having a candy bar!

Ziploc Steamer Bags are fantastic. They steam vegetables perfectly, and there is absolutely no mess to clean up! They come with some yummy, healthy recipe ideas, too.

Please let me know what works for gets so boring doing the same things all the time.

And even though I'm not a fan of the VDay know how much I love you!

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