Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Reviews Are In...

It's just about summertime, and I am oh, so ready for the livin' to be easy! As the school year comes to an end, so have many of my favorite shows. Since it's my blog, I will use this forum to purge my thoughts about the thrilling conclusions. I'm throwing in a bonus book review, since I just happened to complete it today.

I've already touched on Grey's Anatomy. I must say that I did feel a little better after reading Shonda Rhimes' blog on the subject. I can see how she wanted to "burn down the house," and start fresh next time. We'll see if I still have that frustrated, empty feeling at the end of the first episode of the new season.

Desperate Housewives was filled with twists, surprises, and a shocking possible suicide in the final scene. It did provide a sense of fulfillment and closure while leaving plenty of unanswered questions. I have been pretty dissatisfied with the last couple of DH seasons. I felt it was just too silly at times, and not as well done as Grey's Anatomy. The finale was just what I needed, though. I'll tune in again.

Dancing With The Stars...This one, I will really miss. I've made no secret about my little crush on Joey Fatone. I thought that their jive on the semi-final show was incredible. So much energy and charisma! I'm not surprised, though, that Apolo and Julianne won. It was a close race, and they were all excellent competitors.

I've had lots of tests and doctor's appointments with Pop lately, and that's given me a chance to catch up on my reading while I wait. I just finished Best Friends by Martha Moody. It wasn't difficult to read, but it wasn't one of those where you just can't wait to turn each page. I felt no connection to any of the main characters. In fact, I found them to be pretty annoying. The only interesting/ likeable characters were only present for little snapshots--like cameo appearances. Those whose personalities were fully developed irritated the hell out of me, really. I came away from the book with no strong feelings about it one way or the other. I was glad to have something to do to pass the time during doctor's appointments.

The President is out of school for the summer...and I am so glad! I really love just hanging out with my two boys. My favorite times are when school is out & we have nowhere we have to be, nothing we have to do. We are getting ready to work on our tans, have swimming lessons, and go to the beach. We will spend time with Pop, grill out, and stay up past our usual bedtime (hopefully followed by sleeping late!) You won't hear me say, "I can't wait for school to start back!" I'm just one of the kids & I'm ready to play!

Have a safe & happy Memorial Day week-end. Fun on the horizon...will recap when I return!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Grey's Anatomy Season Finale....WTF?!?!?! I can't even write about it right now. Everything is just screwed up all to hell & back, and will be until fall. I am totally pissed. I am way too invested in this show, and it seems like tonight's finale just basically took everything I was a fan of or hoped for or even remotely was interested in seeing and turned it upside down. Isn't the season finale a time for a little closure & not the time to open a bunch of bigass cans of worms?!?!? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Grumpy. Tired. Goodnight!


Saturday, May 12, 2007

About Being a Mom

Just in time for Mother's Day, Mamma tagged me for this meme. It's really not a Mother's Day's called Chinese Freeze Tag. I have no idea why. The idea is you list ten random things about yourself, and then tag ten others. I don't know ten people who haven't done this yet, so to I randomly tag the ten who haven't. I decided to do a Mother's Day theme, because

#1. It is Mother's Day & I was planning to write about it anyway.

#2. I was tagged by Mamma from Mamma Loves.

#3. I love a theme, and I've written so much beach & booze stuff lately, I thought y'all might like to see another side of me.

Southern Fried Mom's Ten Thoughts on Motherhood:

1. I could never imagine myself as the mother of boys. I grew up with only a sister, and I was never into getting dirty, playing sports, and gross stuff. Now that I have two boys, I would have another in a heartbeat. Boys rock!

2. Two children can share the same DNA, be raised in the same environment with the same parents, and be complete opposites...and yet you love them exactly the same.

3. Plenty of things that I said or thought, "I would never...." do as a parent--I've done. More than once.

4. Even if you don't agree with another mom's parenting style, you can always learn something from her.

5. I've been a working-outside-the-home mom and a stay-home mom, and a working-part-time-from home mom...none of it is easy. It's also totally worth it.

6. The Daddy will never do it "just like Mom." That's job security! (But sometimes it sucks).

7. The hours between 4 p.m. and bedtime are pure and total hell.

8. There is nothing better than: holding a chubby dimpled hand, kissing a fuzzy little head, the quiet moment of snuggling before bed, a spontaneous "I love you", the warmth of their cheeks when they're still pink from sleep, the first time you hear "mama", sharing a soggy cheerio, watching them learn, watching your children play and laugh together, hugs and kisses.

9. There is nothing harder than: worrying about a healthy delivery, the first day of kindergarten, sleepless nights, catching throw-up in your hand, watching them try something and fail, grocery shopping with a two-year old who needs a nap, letting them be independent, knowing that one day some sassy little girl is going to have your son wrapped around her finger.

10. My own mother is smarter than I thought!


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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back to reality

  • Take Pop to the orthopedic surgeon to schedule impending back surgery--check

  • Take Fat Baby to the doctor with impending ear infection--check

  • Glob Abreva all over the two massive fever blisters covering my bottom lip--check

  • Discover that My Baby's Daddy hired a babysitter to go to the dog track while I was away--check

  • Realize that since I've lost my voice & I'm totally exhausted, I don't even have the inclination to fight about it--check

  • Attend Teacher Appreciation Lunch at the President's school--check

  • Refill Zoloft prescription--check

Welcome home, Mom!!!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mama's off the clock...

...or I will be very soon--the Girls' Beach Trip starts in 8 hours and 32 minutes (not that I'm counting down or anything!) Of course, I've been in list-making heaven in preparation for this drunken, uh.. I mean, time of bonding with my best girls!

Pedicure---check! (complete with blingy little rhinestone daisies on my big toes)
Notes for My Baby's Daddy--check!
Pop taken care of---check!
Get cash at the ATM--damn, missed one!
Mimosa ingredients on the counter next to my boys' lunchboxes--check! (the Mimosas are for me, not them)

Hopefully, I'll return at the end of the week-end, relaxed, refreshed, golden tan, and ready to roll again...and with lots of stories to share! This is our 4th annual beach trip---I was hugely pregnant with Fat Baby on the first. My girlfriends hauled my big ass down to the beach on the golf cart & treated me like a queen the entire time. That being said, it's soooooo much more fun to be un-pregnant on the girls' beach trip! Out of all the trips, this will be the first that MBD has kept the boys home with him the entire time & not shipped them up to my mom's...I did leave an emergency babysitter number for him, just in case what?!?! Hell, it's four freakin' days with YOUR. OWN. KIDS! If he went out of town, would I send the boys away or hire a sitter?! And I am with them all the darn time. Moms and Dads are just wired so differently. He is a great dad, and they will all be fine. And yes, I did leave two pages of notes. And yes, I did set out pre-approved outfits to last the whole time I am gone...with additional alternate wardrobe changes. As I admit all this, I am reminded of just how much I really need this trip. I feel responsible for so much and so many. I am a control freak. I thrive on a plan and a routine. And sometimes I just need to let it all go for a few days & soak up the sun, read a trashy magazine or a good book, and have some drinks and laughs with my buddies. Sometimes I need to just let my kids wear whatever the hell they want to...and not worry about them being perfectly matched or seasonally appropriate. I need to let My Baby's Daddy figure out what to pack the boys for lunch on his own...and if he gets it "wrong" know that it's only one meal out of their whole life. But that's just not me!

This weekend, I will enjoy the part of me who is carefree & has no imminent responsibilities. I will not think about the extra calories I consume, or about the pile of laundry that will await me at home. This girl won't be worried about schedules, doctor's appointments, or homework.

I will call home, but just because I love them & want to hear their voices. Not because I need to remind them of "one more thing." I will bring home surprises. I will be covered in kisses. I will not want to leave them again....until next year!

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