Saturday, May 12, 2007

About Being a Mom

Just in time for Mother's Day, Mamma tagged me for this meme. It's really not a Mother's Day's called Chinese Freeze Tag. I have no idea why. The idea is you list ten random things about yourself, and then tag ten others. I don't know ten people who haven't done this yet, so to I randomly tag the ten who haven't. I decided to do a Mother's Day theme, because

#1. It is Mother's Day & I was planning to write about it anyway.

#2. I was tagged by Mamma from Mamma Loves.

#3. I love a theme, and I've written so much beach & booze stuff lately, I thought y'all might like to see another side of me.

Southern Fried Mom's Ten Thoughts on Motherhood:

1. I could never imagine myself as the mother of boys. I grew up with only a sister, and I was never into getting dirty, playing sports, and gross stuff. Now that I have two boys, I would have another in a heartbeat. Boys rock!

2. Two children can share the same DNA, be raised in the same environment with the same parents, and be complete opposites...and yet you love them exactly the same.

3. Plenty of things that I said or thought, "I would never...." do as a parent--I've done. More than once.

4. Even if you don't agree with another mom's parenting style, you can always learn something from her.

5. I've been a working-outside-the-home mom and a stay-home mom, and a working-part-time-from home mom...none of it is easy. It's also totally worth it.

6. The Daddy will never do it "just like Mom." That's job security! (But sometimes it sucks).

7. The hours between 4 p.m. and bedtime are pure and total hell.

8. There is nothing better than: holding a chubby dimpled hand, kissing a fuzzy little head, the quiet moment of snuggling before bed, a spontaneous "I love you", the warmth of their cheeks when they're still pink from sleep, the first time you hear "mama", sharing a soggy cheerio, watching them learn, watching your children play and laugh together, hugs and kisses.

9. There is nothing harder than: worrying about a healthy delivery, the first day of kindergarten, sleepless nights, catching throw-up in your hand, watching them try something and fail, grocery shopping with a two-year old who needs a nap, letting them be independent, knowing that one day some sassy little girl is going to have your son wrapped around her finger.

10. My own mother is smarter than I thought!


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At 12:16 AM, Blogger yerdoingitwrong said...

Happy Mother's day, girl. Enjoy your special day!!!

At 2:26 AM, Blogger Mamma said...

Oh I couldn't agree more!!! All of it!!

I love what you did with the meme. Thanks for playing.

From one boy mom to another...

Happy Mother's Day to you!!

At 7:38 AM, Blogger Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

I could not have said it better myself.
That was sheer truth.

I love it.

Happy Mother's Day!

Love to you and your boys!

At 8:33 AM, Blogger Wendy said...

Happy Mother's Day.

At 5:55 PM, Blogger Queen of the Mayhem said...

These were perfect! I agree with all of them!

Also, never say, "My child would NEVER......." insert just about anything here.....

because they me...! :)

Happy Mother's Day!

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Worker Mommy said...

Amen, you said it on all counts!

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

At 11:50 PM, Blogger yerdoingitwrong said...

um, can I get a hell yeah on #7?

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Oh, The Joys said...

Amen to #7!


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