Sunday, April 15, 2007

Triple Threat

Mamma at Mamma Loves invited me to play along with this Three Things meme. That just makes me all kinds of happy because you know I can't resist the opportunity to publish more fascinating, worthless crap about myself.

Three Things That Scare Me: swimsuit shopping, the supernatural, rats

Three People Who Make Me Laugh: My Baby's Daddy, Will Ferrell, Ron White

Three Things I Love: Snuggling with my boys, Diet Coke with Lime from Sonic with Malibu coconut rum (seriously--shouldn't I have an endorsement deal from the Malibu people by now?!?) and reading a good book

Three Things I Hate: When My Baby's Daddy snores & won't put on his C-Pap, Mornings, being at the mercy of someone else while shopping or running errands...I can't stand to wait around for plundering

Three Things I Don't Understand: Angelina Jolie, why gas prices are so ridiculously high, why I can't be skinny and have a good sense of humor

Three Things on my Desk: Easter candy wrapper---damn you, Reese's peanut butter eggs!; my glasses (please remind me of that when I'm cursing & frantically looking for them later), and
Lipstick Jungle by Candace Bushnell

Three Things I'm Doing Right Now: Drawing super-heroes for The President, wishing I had my pajamas on, waiting for Desperate Housewives to end so I can watch it on DVR & fast-forward through the commercials

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die: get a tattoo, win the lottery, finish this meme

Three Things I Can Do: cook, plan parties, write grants

Three Things I Can't Do: Drive well at night, be pleasant and calm when I have PMS, fly a plane

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To: your conscience, children laughing, the Grease soundtrack (I dare you not to sing along!)

Three Things I Think You Should Never Listen To: blatant negativism, the sound a fork or knife makes scraping across a plate (makes my teeth hurt just to write it!), the voices in your head

Three Things I'd Like To Learn: to grow my own vegetables, sign language, yoga

Three Favorite Foods: I love good food...can't narrow it down to three individual foods, so I give you my three favorite food genres--Italian, seafood, and chocolate

Three TV Shows I Watched as a Kid: Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers (in that order--now how the hell did I remember that?!?), and the Electric Company

Tag, you're it!!!!: Janet a.k.a. Wondermom, Queen of the Mayhem, Ann

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At 10:16 PM, Blogger Mamma said...

Oh nicely done. It was harder to do than it looked, wasn't it?

You must have lived near me. Those three shows were on in the same exact order on my PBS station.

PS--I got chills when I read that thing about the fork too. I almost included that in mine.

At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meme woman, I love thee...

I'll get right on it...

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

Okay, you had me at the Grease soundtrack. Had to get it on CD and, yes, I sing at the top of my lungs everytime.


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