Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Fat Baby Style

Went to the pre-school Thanksgiving lunch and program on Monday. The kids looked completely adorable in their fabulous and precious turkey costumes. Mine especially. I mean, he is just freaking cute as pumpkin pie. That being said....

I have some great pictures of Fat Baby's class singing their little hearts out in their turkey costumes. And I have some pictures of Fat Baby lying on the floor of the fellowship hall flat on his back while they are doing so. He did. not. participate. That was expected--it's just who he is. I know that some day I'll be able to laugh about it (maybe when he has a kid just like him)--that's why I made myself take the pictures. Because I surely wasn't feeling it right then. I really wasn't feeling any of it by the time the lunch was over. I'll spare you the gory details...suffice it to say I went straight to Books-a-Million and bought "Your Strong Willed Child," and had read more than half of it before bedtime.

A bright spot to the whole day of fiasco was that the children's own turkey recipes (as told to their teacher) were posted on the bulletin board. You simply must try this one at your own Thanksgiving feast:

by: Fat Baby

*Mommy's Angry
*Fat Baby and President
*a bananas
*a red apple
*a rocket toy

Cook in it's room, a mess, mix in the food, mix in a toy, a rock, Mommy, Dad, Pop lock the door.

Oven Temperature:
very hot

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At 12:21 PM, Blogger Worker Mommy said...

I just love Fat Baby. That recipe is priceless!


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