Friday, October 12, 2007

These Are a Few of my Favorite Things....Product Endorcements by Southern Fried Mom

Being that I'm such a trendsetter & all, I thought I'd share what's hot for fall in my Southern Fried World. The following have earned the Southern Fried Mom stamp of fabulousity...(Could somebody who's computer-literate please make me some kind of badge for my endorcements of all things fabulous? Thank you.)

*We finally got a little nip of chill & the air, and since we were taking the Southern Fried Kids to the state fair, I had to go on the annual dreaded blue-jean quest. I'm pretty sure I have some jeans from last year that I can squeeze my ass into, but I was in no condition to plunder through the wasteland of my closet to locate them. (That true confessions is yours at no extra cost). Since I lost a bunch of weight after I had Fat Baby & have kept some of it off---I can tell you this. There is a huge difference in having no choice in where you shop and having many choices. At my skinniest, I swore I would never darken the door of Lane Bryant again. However....I keep hearing people talking about this new line of jeans there. And even though I will NEVAH post a full-body photo, take my word for it that I am very hip-heavy and oddly proportioned. Even in high school when I was (once) a size 8, I still hated shopping for jeans. Just to get it over with, I ran into Lane Bryant on my quick jean-finding mission. Ten minutes later, I was back in the car with THE PERFECT JEANS!!!! I kid you not! No more gaping waist, flattering fit, and (since I wore them all day yesterday, I can tell you this) they are the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned! They have researched & created categories based on body types. (Each type is color-coded, I am a blue). The sales associate measured my waist, and had me in the perfect pants immediately. Oh, and one of my favorite features---they size with single digit small numbers. (When would I ever be a size 4?) Check them out at
Lane Bryant Right Fit Jeans

And they're cute and trendy, too!

*If you've been reading long, you know about my love affair with diet coke. Particularly the 44 oz. Diet Coke with lime from Sonic. I really do average about two of them a day. I know, it's an addiction. Yesterday, I stopped by with only a few minutes to spare to grab a cold one on my way to pick up Fat Baby from preschool. Afterwards, I would enjoy my beverage as we waited in carpool line for the President (for about an hour). I opted for the speedier service of the drive-thru, since I was just ordering a drink. Apparently the family in line ahead of me didn't get the memo, because they were just taking their sweet time ordering, and talking on their cell phone, and fighting with their kids, and making their damn grocery list while sitting at the speaker. Finally, at 2:00 (when I was supposed to be at the preschool collecting my child) I whipped into a drive-in spot and jabbed the call button. The manager quickly took my order, and delivered it promptly. How my mood changed when I saw the look of recognition in his eyes, and he said, "Oh, it's you!" I told him I would be back at 3:15 with the President for his Friday afternoon Blue Coconut Cream-Slush...and I'd be ready for a refill. I explained that I was his best customer & whenever he sees the silver bullet (my Honda Odyssey)pull in, go ahead & start squeezing the limes! He said it was great to get to know his best customer! Score! I finally have a personal connection with my Sonic fix. This could come in handy. Now, if they just had Malibu rum in stock...

*I've also renewed my love affair with Spanx. The cute, retro packaging and the fact that Oprah has done shows about them makes them trendy and mainstream--somehow it keeps me from feeling like I'm just another fatass squeezing my stuff into a girtle.

*Finally, while you'd never guess by my youthful spirit, my non-quite-twenty-something-anymore body has begun to fall apart. Consequently, I have to recommend my home remedy for plantar fasciitis. First, promise Your Baby's Daddy sexual favors that you may or may not (okay...mostly not) deliver. Then take three ibuprofen and stretch out on the sofa and have him massage your heel with Aspercreme. Sadly, this is the highlight of my evenings lately.

*Of course, I can't list my favorite things without Southern Living at Home! On my first order, I spent my entire commission plus a hundred bucks...I totally love this stuff!

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At 9:46 AM, Blogger Jenmomof4 said...

I love your list! I especially love the Jeans part!!

Southern Living at home!! Love it too!

Thanks for the laughs!! I will see if I can come up with something for your button. I am no expert but I will try!

At 9:55 AM, Blogger The Wade's said...

I love product endorsements!!! If only your last name was something that started with a W..then you could use the VW logo..wouldn't that be cute :)

Sadly..I always get stuck behind "that" family at Sonic. How frustrating!!!

At 1:17 PM, Anonymous Wendy said...

Now, I don't feel so bad for my 2 a day Icee fix. The local Burger Kings are starting to know me and I know the ones that always have it on tap and have the larger size for a $1. SCORE! in deed.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Queen of the Mayhem said...

I hate shopping for jeans too! UGH!

Now..Southern Living...I love, love, love! I have it all over my house!


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