Tuesday, October 02, 2007


...and even though today is The President's very first Student Council meeting, I'm not campaigning for him. You may remember my love of Dancing With The Stars from last season. I fell a little bit in love with Joey Fatone (okay, I still am...) I have often commented that I am into the whole charisma thing. (You know Taylor Hicks was my American Idol guy---although, I don't see as much charisma these days as I'd like...) My Baby's Daddy is a social butterfly, and he totally cracks me up. That's the kind of guy I usually root for on these reality shows---the fun ones that you'd want to have a few drinks with.

This year's hit pick may suprise you. I am all about Mark Cuban on DWTS....he seems so fun and cool. He also seems to be really having a good time. He's a hard worker (and he just had his hip replaced a couple of months ago). He deserves to stay around and entertain us--and he is really mastering the dances. Even though he has more money than God, he seems very down to earth and family oriented.

So...even if you don't watch, please go here and register---and vote for Mark!!! You can check out his blog here---okay, I just did that so his site would have mine as a "blog that links here." I'm so cheesy!

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At 10:05 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Ok girl - got your review of DWTS - gonna be hard to vote this year I think. But where is your review for Grey's and for Desperate????
This is your buddy ..... never made it to lunch did we. : (
So hello from KY. Congrats on all that you've got going on. Miss ya!

At 11:52 AM, Blogger Angie said...

I don't watch DWTS. There are so many other things on that I watch, my brain is on TV overload!! :) I did watch SOME last season and watched who won, even.

Now, as for Mark Cuban, I'll have to check him out on the show because I've always gotten an "ew" or "ugh" kind of vibe from him in the past. My husband likes him, though.

Today is delurking day in the blog world and it's been so long since I visited you, I HAD to come by. Later, when I am not at work, I will catch up on what I've been missing!!

Have a great day!!



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