Sunday, November 19, 2006

What you see is what you get!

So, I'm cruising around blogville, looking for a little inspiration. Thought I'd check out a few of my fellow NaBloPoMo participants. Here's what I found: there are way more blogs devoted to cats and knitting than I could have possibly imagined. That made me think...what is the essence of Grits With Cheese? I've never done a post about grits...ditto for cheese. So the title won't tell ya jack (get the cheesy pun?!?) about what you'll find here. I reflected on past posts, and here's what I've found.

Who I am: mom, wife, daughter, sister, Southerner (after years of wishing to be from Vermont or Connecticut, I now embrace my heritage & love my inner redneck!), friend who loves to make you laugh, someone to share a drink with, lover of books and worthless knowledge, a child of God who is saved by grace--and also believes that He has a great sense of humor & wants us to have fun, a planner, a hostess, someone who will invite you over for a meal, or bake your favorite dessert because I love to see people enjoy the things I've prepared, sometimes anxious and overwhelmed, an aspiring writer, a work in progress.

When I thought about what I write about: food, my kids, avoiding sex, planning and making lists, and the stresses of life...definitely can't fit all that into one category.

I liked the idea posed by one blogger to take the opportunity to present the "rules" of their know, what I expect as I writer & what you can expect as a reader. My philosophy of life is this, "Since God knows I'm thinking it...I might as well say it!" I write about my life. I write about my feelings. I don't write anything that would hurt someone (on purpose) if they read it. I am open-minded, and will respect your opinions. I'm not very controversial. This is a blog about fun...but sometimes life is not fun. I will tell the truth, while always trying to find the positive side of things. I am grateful for this outlet. I am excited when people care enough to comment on what I've written. I think it is totally cool that I've gotten to know other people who love to write, and share my sense of humor. Thanks for joining me on the ride!


At 6:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot:
caring, helpful, loving and proud....Those are words that I would use to describe you too....

I love coming here...your 'southun' hospitality keeps me coming back for more grits with cheese!!!


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