Saturday, March 08, 2008


Finally, a long overdue maintenance day. I managed to weasel out of the house shortly after My Baby's Daddy headed out to Cracker Barrel with both boys (God bless him!) for their traditional Saturday morning Man Breakfast. Floating on the promise of a day of freedom, I headed to the gym. Because even though my nature is best suited to a day of luxury and pampering, my ass needs me to get on the treadmill twice a day until swimsuit season. And truly, once I get in the groove I do enjoy working out. I also enjoy buying smaller clothes. So there.

After the gym (and requisite bottled water consumption), my next stop was Sonic for a heavenly 44 ounce diet coke with fresh squeezed lime. It's a good day to be me.


I signed in at the pedicure place & started looking around for Misty. A cute and sweet little Asian Monet, Misty has been responsible for such masterpieces as the snowmen on my big toes for Christmas, and the blingy rhinestone daisies I sported at the beach last year. But honestly, I was kind of over the whole artistic factor & was going to have my French pedi converted into some good old traditional OPI in a fabulous shade of red. Sure, anyone can do a plain old pedicure, but I would totally ask that girl to marry me for her massage techniques.

Me: Is Misty not here today? (unheard of on Saturday a.m.)

Cute little Asian guy who always remembers my name: Misty is gone.

Me: Well, when will she be back?

Cute Asian guy: She's gone...she had to move to Atlanta with her husband's job.

Me: (On the floor, crying) Noooooooooo! She can't leave me!!!!

Cute Asian guy: We'll take care of you, I promise.

Me: Sniff.

Though the leg and foot massage wasn't Misty-caliber, I have to confess, my nails are indeed fabulous. I hope it stays warm so I can wear flip flops. I loooooove flip-flops. And being barefoot. And summer. I'm ready for spring.

After the pedicure, I hit the tanning bed which was also blissful. Came home, took a bath, and am already lounging in my pjs.

AND Fat Baby & I are flying solo if I can sedate him, it will be blogs, books, and early bedtime!

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At 1:41 PM, Blogger Worker Mommy said...

Sounds like heaven (except for the Misty part) I'm quite jealous ;)

At 11:54 PM, Blogger Ann(ie) said...

That sounds like a perfect day. Bummer about Misty, though. :( I get pretty attached to the girls I see, too. I WISH it were flip flop weather around here already!!

Happy Happy Easter!


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