Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nine Kinds of Weird

Okay, I really like the meme thing...here's one I found over at Holy Mama! I am certain there are more like 9,000 kinds of weird about me, but this is definitely a great opportunity to give the blog-world a little peek into the unique cocktail of weirdness that makes me who I am. Here goes:

1. In case you haven't noticed, my favorite punctuation is dotdotdot. I think it kind of let's you know that I'm just thinking, or taking a breath before the next thought...see, it's not as permanent as a period. I feel like the dotdotdot gives you the feeling we're talking--it's more casual. I don't use it nearly as much in "real life" writing as I do on this blog.

2. I have all kinds of Food Violation Rules...really. Think When Harry Met Sally--the whole "on the side" thing times a thousand.

3. I can't stand for my food to touch. A little touching is okay in a non-runny situation, but if something has the potential to run all over into the other food, it is getting its own separate dish, if I can help it.

4. Sweet and Salty together are a definite violation in some cases, for example: potato chips and ice cream.

5. Sweet and salty can be acceptable in cases where the combination has an overall flavor dominance, for example: candy corn and peanuts, tastes like a Payday candy bar= dominant sweet. Chicken or pork with pineapple (this one is borderline violation)= dominant salty. My mom makes a pineapple casserole that has cheddar cheese which should be a Big. Fat. Violation. Just sounds wrong...I went years without touching it & then had some (I think I was pregnant), and decided it was o.k., dominant sweet. I just have to mentally block out the cheese.

6. Under no circumstances should chocolate be tainted with any form of mint. That's a waste of perfectly good chocolate. Mint is fine for breath freshener.

7. My Baby's Daddy and my friends not only accept the Book of Food Violations...they embrace it. I knew I could love him, when on a college camping trip, MBD was in charge of paper goods & he bought these big, rectangular sectioned plates because, "not everybody likes for their food to touch."

8. Don't get me started on how many levels the whole "peanuts in coke" thing is wrong.

9. That's enough with the Rules of Food. I can't stand My Baby's Daddy's feet. They just get on my nerves.


At 11:48 PM, Anonymous HolyMama! said...

a pineapple casserole?! there's at least nine kinds of weird stuff about THAT!


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