Thursday, October 26, 2006

Picture Perfect

While running amok around blog-land, I came across Cheeky's handmade, oh-so-crafty Christmas cards, and that got me thinking....this is the time of year when I begin to plan my annual Christmas card photo op for the boys. I pride myself (i.e., I probably take this thing waaaay too seriously!) on having a memorable, and oh so fabulous card every year. The pinnacle of my all-time holiday greetings was the year that Fat Baby was born...I took the picture in late October, a beautiful and sunny day. With borrowed props from our church's upcoming Christmas program, I created a nativity scene with pudgy, 3 month old baby in the manger, and sweet 4 year old brother kneeling over him as a shepherd in prayer. It. Was. Georgous. People are still talking about it. It was a lifetime dream fulfilled. So, that was two years ago, and I set the bar pretty dad-gum high. Here are some things I have done in the past:

The President's first Christmas, I had an open box with tissue coming out, and ribbons everywhere. He had a red bow on top of his head & was propped up on his tummy, wearing only a diaper. You could only see his chest, and all that adorable chubby baby-ness.

His second year, I could barely get the Pres to sit still. Click, click, click...a picture of him in striped jammies in front of the fireplace.

Third year was a totally spontaneous moment, and a favorite of mine. The Pres had a battery-operated 4-wheeler that he was riding through the living room. He drove straight into the Christmas tree...he has a look of pure terror on his face & Southern Fried Mom runs for the camera! It was

Fourth year, black & white in front of the tree. Mom is newly pregnant & just glad to get it done.

Next....the oh, so fine nativity card.

Last year, the boys in matching pjs in front of the tree. Cute because I found the same pattern in footie pjs for the baby & 2 piece for big boy at the Children's Place (a great place to coordinate matching outfits for children of varied ages).

Any suggestions for this year's card...and yes, I know it's not even Halloween yet! BTW, last year I even sent photo Halloween cards...they were a huge hit! This year, I just hope to get the costume on time for Trick or Treat. Does anyone else do photo cards of their kids? What have you done?


At 9:22 AM, Blogger Cheeky said...

I don't know how easy this would be but you could have them be elves....just a thought (for the Christmas card I mean - I guess it would work for Halloween too)


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