Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Trick or Treat

Yea! I just got an e-mail that Fat Baby's frankenstein costume has been shipped! I love nothing more than to shop on-line and then stalk my purchases until the UPS man rings the I the only one who does that? Anway, I am usually ahead of the crowd on the Halloween thing, because I love costumes & I always try to do something cute and creative with the boys. This year was a challenge because The President had some definite ideas about his own costume, and didn't want to do a theme with his brother, or anything creative. He wanted to be a ninja like so many 6 year old boys. We have been looking online, and finally went to several costume places this weekend. I was prepared to pay whatever price as long as he chose something that I thought was cool. I tried to talk him into being Robin & Fat Baby being Batman with the big muscles....ummmm, no way mom. After nothing fab-u-lous came our way, I ended up letting him get a ninja costume at Target...even after buying the sword to go with it, it was way cheaper than anything we had looked at online. So, he was happy, & it was cool, with a plate of muscled armor & gauntlets....looks a little mideval. I'm happy that I'm only out a little over twenty bucks, and everyone wins. But Fat Baby is going to be the BOMB in his Frankenstein costume...he loves to roar & growl already. I'm worried because it only came in one size (2-4) and he is, by all accounts, "a big ol' boy." I'm crossing my fingers. He is two years old (just turned two a couple of months ago...) and weighs 42 pounds. He wears extra extra wide shoes, and size 3T pants (elastic waistband, please!) He is in a 4T shirt. All that being said, he's not like some of those fat babies whose eyes are barely visible in all the pudge. He's very well proportioned, but solid...a brick wall of 100% boy!


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Nicole P. said...

They'll be so cute!! My friend's 4 year old son is *obsessed* with Batman. I found a costume for him online (he wanted the all-black batman, not the gray and black one). He's not allowed to wear it until Halloween, so he asks if he can hold it or just look at it everyday now. She scored mom points with her son and I scored friend points for finding the costume :) Win-win situation!


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