Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fat Fighting Friday

...though technically it is Saturday, I am still awake from Friday. Gosh-darned caffeinated diet coke (with Malibu rum and lime...oh, yeah, and a blue margarita of some kind)...anyway, I'm slightly wired. I didn't get to weigh in today, which is okay since I only did my initial weigh-in on Tuesday. I have had a great week, and I feel really good. I've been very productive and I feel like focusing on my health has given me an overall positive outlook (which I desperately needed!) I will post my weigh-in results tomorrow, if I get to the gym. Since there is no nursery on Saturdays at the YMCA, I am at the mercy of My Baby's Daddy. Otherwise, I'll definitely go in on Monday.

Lotta at Mom-O-Matic compared the constant cravings & impulsiveness that so many people with weight issues have to an alcoholic's battle with their inner addict. I could not agree more...and coming from a long line of addictive personalities, I can recognize this in myself. (I'm kind of grateful that I got the food addiction & not alcoholism...I mean, even if I have to eat celery & drink water all the time, at least I can still tie one on when I want to!) I think any of us who have traveled the long road to skinny-ville have had to battle our evil mini food addict. Lotta and others have given the little buttheads names, so we all know who we're up against. Bingelina is Lotta's little food ho, and others include Lady Flabina and Trish (so named for the Future MILF's husband's skinny ex!) So now, I too am naming my naughty inner compulsive eater. I am totally addicted to carbs, so I'd like to take that into account. I do love me some chocolate, so I did consider calling the choco-whore Giada Ghirardelli....(score for me because just thinking of Giada de Laurentiis makes me lose my appetite!) Either that or maybe Carbzilla? What do you think?

I totally love the support, and the MILFers all rock! But, tomorrow I'm going to try to just blog about something cool or fun...I don't this to become just a blog about my weight loss efforts. And by the way, in case you're reading & not writing...I hear it's de-lurking week. Go ahead & know you want to!


At 7:18 AM, Blogger Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am loving Carbzilla! That is too funny about naming the food ho after an ex. I need to think of her name....OH YEAH! Wendy.....hated that b*tch! (hee-hee) Good luck this week! I am betting the weigh in will go well!

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love those names fort he little ho's inside of us all...I'll have to think of one for my inner bitch.


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